Ladybin Standard

Feminine hygiene container with 23 liter capacity made of high quality ABS. Straight lines and smooth surfaces reduce the build-up of dust and dirt. The opening flap can be easily removed for cleaning and prevents looking into the container. The container is easy to transport because it is light and has a handle. Disinfectant powder prevents the growth of germs and unpleasant odors. A feminine hygiene container should always be installed in combination with a hygiene bag holder.

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Produkt Ausführung

Article - model

4110006 - ABS white

Produkt Dimensionen


H 650  T 180  B 360 mm

Produkt Inhalt


23 Liter

Feminine hygiene Ladybin standard assembly
Ladybin Standard

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Damenhygiene Behälter kann mittels Wandhalterung aufgehängt oder auf den Boden gestellt werden.

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