Promote, not destroy, vital values

We don’t just talk, we act! RVR is committed to the environment and to reducing CO2 emissions. Together with us, set an example for future generations.
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Promote, not destroy

Vital values

As a company hygiene service provider, RVR has been promoting environmentally friendly business standards since 2000. The RVR industrial hygiene concept, registered as a brand, binds the excess greenhouse gas CO2 through necessary tree planting worldwide.
Why this concept?

As a company hygiene service provider, we promote environmentally friendly business standards

  • 2019

    RVR-CFC will spare no effort to promote the protected industrial hygiene concept! More than 100 countries around the world are suffering from dramatic environmental damage due to excessive logging and slash and burn. With millions of toilets in the future, the suffering biodiversity will be promoted worldwide and at the same time cumulative up to 1 billion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere will be converted into valuable wood every year!

  • 2014

    In the presence of the following renowned UN representatives, RVR-CFC was honored for its partner contribution of 100 trees to the international event “Forests for Fashion. Fashion for Forests ”from March 21, 2014.

    • Michael Moller, Director General UNOG and Executive Secretary UNECE
    • FAO representative (Ms Paola Deda on the behalf of Ms Sandra Aviles, OIC FAO Liaison Office, Geneva)
    • Marc Wey, Deputy Permanent Representative of Switzerland to WTO and EFTA
    • Heikki Granholm, Chair of UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI)
  • 2009

    The international patent organization OMPI recognizes the future services of RVR-CFC in Art. 44 of the Madrid Protocol as “Services de sylviculture” and protects the activities of RVR Service until 2019.

  • 2008

    RVR Service AG’s environmental market management concept is registered as a national trademark. Thus, the associated reforestation projects of “Clean Forest” recognized in close connection as a climate protection measure.

  • 2007

    First United Nations Forest Forum (UNFF) with breakthrough. Agreement on an international forest convention. In the same year, Al Gore, Nobel Prize winner is quoted as saying: “It takes a lot of will and courage to make costly economic and social changes in order to counteract the climate catastrophe.”

  • 1992

    First UN Environment Summit in Rio de Janeiro. “Human civilization will destroy itself in the long term if it does not change its essential habits, such as resource use and consumption.”

  • 1876

    The revolutionary Swiss Forest Police Act of 1876 made the principle of sustainability mandatory. At that time there was a lack of wood in our country. The realization that every generation should be entitled to the same income opportunities prevailed because of the previous clearing of the forest. Anyone who opposed the “use of interest” from now on had to deal with the police.

  • 1713

    Hans Carl von Carlowitz wrote the first work on the conservation of forests on behalf of the government because of forest emergency and gave this treatise the name “sylvicultura oeconomia”. The first detailed formulation of sustainable forestry was born.

    Together we already have

    23,380 tons of CO2

    can bind from the atmosphere.
    RVR-CFC Concept

    The world climate is not indifferent to us

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