Ideal white

Fragrance dispenser Ideal white, with associated 150ml fragrance cans, optionally in the Davania or Nocturne variant. With its simple, elegant design, this model is also visually impressive. In this way, they develop a pleasant scent wherever guests, customers and employees are. The dispenser is powered by two 1.5V LR14 batteries with a service life of over a year.

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Produkt Ausführung

Article - model

3110006 - white

Produkt Dimensionen


H 210  T 82  B 85 mm

Produkt Inhalt


150ml spray can
(various scent brands)

Duftspender Ideal Weiss Montage
Ideal white

Easy Construction

Starting from the lower edge, the dispenser is attached to the wall approx. 1900mm above the floor with a screw or with the four prefabricated adhesive strips.

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