Dirt control mats

For everyday household dirt we present our RVR cleaning mats with high dirt suction power. Your interiors and floor coverings are spared high levels of soiling. We also have an offer for customers with special requirements. Regardless of whether it is a mat tailored to your needs or with your own logo imprint: We have a solution ready for you.

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Produkt Ausführung

Article - model

Grey, Slate Grey, Brown, Anthracite - 150 x 250 cm
Red, Blue Steel, Blue, Black Mink - 85 x 150 cm
Silvetone, Black Granite, Clear Red - 115 x 180 cm
Clear Black, Clear Granite, Clear Green - 150 x 200 cm

Produkt Dimensionen


H   T 150  B 85 mm

Produkt Inhalt


Schmutzfangmatten 10 Grey Grey  Schmutzfangmatten 20 Slate Grey Slate Grey  Schmutzfangmatten 30 Brown Brown  Schmutzfangmatten 50 Anthracite Anthracite  Schmutzfangmatten 60 Red Red  Schmutzfangmatten 70 Blue Steel Blue Steel  Schmutzfangmatten 80 Blue Blue  Schmutzfangmatten 90 Black Mink Black Mink  Schmutzfangmatten 103 Silvertone Silvertone  Schmutzfangmatten 104 Black Granite Black Granite  Schmutzfangmatten 105 Clear Red Clear Red  Schmutzfangmatten 107 Clear Black Clear Black  Schmutzfangmatten 130 Clear Granite Clear Granite  Schmutzfangmatten 130 Clear Green Clear Green

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