Clean Forst Park

Israel (KKL)

More than twenty years ago, the then Swiss Foreign Minister Pierre Aubert inaugurated a plant high above the shores of the Sea of Galilee that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. The foundation stone for the Tiberias Swiss Forest was laid in the arid landscape around Tiberias. This magnificent forest, which already has hundreds of thousands of trees, was only made possible because of the innumerable courageous Swiss people KKL commissioned to plant their personal tree here.

The Tiberias Swiss Forest is not only the new home of the trees of many Swiss, but also the new home of the Clean Forest Park Israel. The constantly growing forest is also of pioneering ecological importance. Its existence prevents the threatening soil erosion, changes the climate in a positive way and gives people a valuable recreational area. There is still a lot of space to continue this good work.

Letter of thanks from KKL to Clean Forest Club

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